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Established by the Texas Antique Phonograph Society

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Historic Downtown Mount Pleasant Edison Phonograph Museum

Located at:


213 N. Madison Ave.

Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455


                                                                  Museum Curator and T.A.P.S. co-founder- Dustin Ellis                        Email: phonoINC@yahoo.com

                                                                  Museum and T.A.P.S. co-founder- David Hoover

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Can you name a music artist from 90+ years ago? Many people can't which is why we believe in preserving this unique piece of history, and comprehensive research has been done to learn about these early artists and their careers here at the museum. All modern recorded musicians, from the rock star to the orchestra composer of today, share a common heritage with these early artists who molded the industry. The museum collection includes rare recordings by Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and William Jennings Bryan.
It wasn't long ago when the world did not have recorded sound, can you imagine the world without it?

The Historic Downtown Mount Pleasant Edison Phonograph Museum is founded by members of T.A.P.S. (Texas Antique Phonograph Society), and located in historic Downtown Mount Pleasant Texas. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of early recordings and phonographs. The history of the phonograph and early recordings is one that includes science, politics, and economic struggle of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The history is so close you can hear it!

Visitors are encouraged to come visit this unique collection, and learn about our preservation projects underway. Museum visitors can arrange small tours Thursdays through Saturday during regular business hours with the curator, Dustin Ellis, by emailing at phonoINC@yahoo.com. Dustin also provides free presentation for community groups, Museums, and schools in the area, inquire through email.

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